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THE innovative Bluetooth Marketing!

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 Reach your new customers easily and free of charge!

An idea that simplifies your customer acquisition. Watch the second movie clip!


Now, let this breakthrough technology take over, which is easy for you to do your work of customer contact and acquisition.

Your message with the link to any web page, e.g. your homepage or Facebook page will automatically be advertised on any Android phone near the Royaltie GEM, via Bluetooth within a radius of 100 meters.

Low monthly costs including unlimited texts with the Royaltie GEM

Each Royaltie GEM unit is water protected and comes with a two year running battery.


Operation of the Royaltie GEM

You order a small wireless device, the Royaltie GEM.

You will create the 40-character-long commercial message you would like to send and a link to a secure website that starts with “https: //”. These are e.g. also all social media platforms. You can customize this advertisement individually in your Royaltie Backoffice for each GEM. Each of these small technical wonders is assigned a number, so you always know exactly which of the royalties GEM’s  advertises what. You do not even need an Android smartphone, because you can easily adjust everything online at any place in the world, where they are connected to the Internet.

The Royaltie GEM message can be changed free of charge every 24 hours.

The Royaltie GEM sends your message to all nearby Android phones via Bluetooth, within a radius of 100 meters.

Almost 80% of smartphones worldwide use Android. In order to receive messages from the Royaltie GEM, only the Bluetooth on the phone must be switched on.

The Royaltie GEM is battery powered, the battery lasts two years. It can be switched ON and OFF by clicking on the center of the device. Green means the GEM ON, red it is OFF.

You do not need data volume or a WiFi connection.

Just take it out of the box, switch it on and get ready to go!

Particularly interesting for trade fairs, supermarkets, service providers of all kinds, e.g. real estate brokers, retailers, restaurants, networkers, and all the customers!



Device dimensions Royaltie GEM: 55x56x15 mm

Signal range: 100m

Communication path: Bluetooth low-energy, wireless technology 2.4GHz RF 

Sensitivity: Bluetooth: -93dBm

Transmission power: Bluetooth: -30dBM to 4dBm

Battery life: up to 2 years (then free replacement)

Main processor: 32-bit ARM® CortexTM M0 CPU core

Bluetooth processor: Nordic nRF51822

Data transmission: 250kBs, 1Mbs and 2Mbs

Pricing and Order

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