In which countries will the GEM be delivered?

Worldwide where there are Android smartphones, and that is almost everywhere.


Does Bluetooth Marketing work with other systems?

No, only Android is possible at the time, as it is the most used system.


How many people have an Android smartphone?

Approximately 80% worldwide have an Android Phone.


What else is the condition for someone to receive a message?

Its Bluetooth must be connected.


For what do people use in everyday Bluetooth?

Headphones, Autoradio, Hands-free kit, Boxes on the road and in the apartment, electric toothbrush, therefore is with many Bluetooth always at.


Why did I never heard of Royaltie GEM before?

The company is a startup and is currently being rolled over by requests and orders.


What does the delivery of the Royaltie cost?

USA and Canada free of charge and in all other countries across board $ 25


Is this an MLM or Network Marketing company?

No, but there is a very lucrative affiliate program.


How many devices do I need to buy?

You can start with a GEM and there are no boundaries up there.


How big is the unit?

It fits comfortably to your keyring, you just have to hang it in.


In which languages can I send the messages?

All languages are possible.


Can I turn off the Gem?

Yes, it has an ON and OFF switch, just click on the center.

Green light is ON, red light OFF.


I have no Android Phone I can still use the system?

Yes, to send messages you do not need an Android device yourself.


In what radius of my Royaltie can I send people news?

Up to 100 meters away, the sending works on Android smartphones.


How far are 100 meters?

100 meters is the size of a soccer field.


Where is it recommended to make Bluetooth marketing with the Royaltie?

Wherever there are many people staying longer. For example, Restaurants, coffee shops, clubs, football stadion, parks, concerts, festivals, beach, cruise ships, hotels, shops, companies, seminars etc. etc …


Where should I not stand or use my GEM?

On the highway, because it brings nothing, if the in a few seconds again from the 100 meters radius is raus.


What happens with the message when people leave the radius of 100 meters?

The message disappears from the Android smartphone.


How extensive can the message be?

40 characters and a link to the website. Important is, that this has the secure “https: //”, e.g. all social media platforms.


What is the cost of a Royaltie Gem and how much does it cost to run it?

Unique: Account Activation of $ 30

Shipping: USA & Canada 10$  and all other countries a flat rate $30

1 GEM costs 25 $ a month

3 GEM cost $ 49 a month

8 GEM cost $ 99 a month and each additional $ 12


Why should I start with you in the team?

Since you are not only with me brilliant marketing tools for Royaltie GEM, A free LandingPage, video, training and weekly presentations, but also fast support in business and customer development. Please do not hesitate to call us. +49 (0) 176 – 201 51 301

You can order the Royaltie Gems here 

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